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The Journal of Computational Linguistics now welcomes proposals for Survey Articles.

Our intention is to publish, each year, 2-3 survey articles, of the same size as a typical journal article (i.e., 25-40 published pages). We foresee two kinds of articles:

A survey article should give a comprehensive overview of progress in a particular field of expertise, and a wider perspective than is possible in the 'related work' section of an article that reports on new research. A good survey article is both a distillation of existing research material and an interpretation and synthesis of that material. If the article serves as a supplement to existing textbook material, it should provide either more detailed coverage than is available in a textbook setting, or providing substantially updated coverage.

Prospective authors of survey articles should first submit a summary proposal in a single pdf file. Proposals should include a title; a 2-3-page outline of what the article would contain; short (one paragraph) biographies of the proposed authors; the names of three recognized experts who would be qualified to review the article. The outline must describe succintly the content of the survey and must clearly identify the body of work that the survey will discuss, by providing many of the relevant citations and a bibliography. Proposals will be considered by the editorial board in an accelerated review process.

Your proposal should be submitted through the electronic submission system, in the same manner as an ordinary article submission. When submitting, select "survey article" at the "journal section" prompt. See Using the Electronic Submission System for more detailed instructions.

If the proposal is accepted, your full survey paper is to be submitted as a revised version of the proposal submission. Follow the instructions under "Submitting a revised article" on the help page given above.

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Last Modified: 15th June 2016